Saturday, November 10, 2012

For God So Loved the World that He Drowned It

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
John 3:15-17

but first...

I am going to bring floodwaters on the earth to destroy all life under the heavens, every creature that has the breath of life in it. Everything on earth will perish.
Genesis 6:16-18

God's timing always confuses me. Why was Jesus born when he was? Was it because humanity really needed saving at that point? If so, didn't humanity really need saving in Noah's day? I thought the reason God sent the flood was because they were so sinful. Jesus probably could have helped then. Unless of course, they were beyond saving....but if this is beyond God's abilities, then why call Him omnipotent?


  1. Well put Grundy!! I've noticed that irony before, but the way you coupled it with the graphic is awesome. :-)

  2. Ouch. Biblically defensible, but ouch.

  3. Because the world must be baptized similar to its inhabitants that are human (not animal of course). This notion seems legit eh? I want to baptized my cat just in case though. It'd be a shame if my cat wouldn't make it to heaven. Religion clearly makes no sense and only makes nonsense. :)

  4. The Christian response would be that they only died PHYSICALLY in the flood. It's the same defense for all the people in China and Africa etc who lived and died never knowing about Jesus.
    Sure it's bullshit, but there it is. "No paradox" the Christian will say.

    1. If you do not "know" about Jesus Christ you don't go to Hell, read The Bible for yourself, don't listen to pastors, atheists, etc, it says if you Reject Him you go to Hell, you must know about Him before you believe or disbelieve, disbelieving is disgeniuous and rejecting the Truth(Romans 1:20), thus it's far to receieve no life for rejecting Him.

      Remember, Lake of Fire/Eternal Fire means Death/Annihilation, as Bible clearly says in Jude 1:7 Relvelation 20:14

    2. So that's okay, then.

  5. When Christians argue that they only die physically, what happens to them spiritually? Going to hell hardly seems fair, but it doesn't seem that they should be allowed into heaven either.

  6. Well put. There are so many problems with an omnipotent god it's hard to count. I hadn't thought of this the arsenal it goes...

  7. And what makes it worse is that, as far as I can tell, there were no laws given by God up to that point. The Bible just says that people were wicked, evil and violent. They weren't guilty of breaking any of God's laws (except Adam and Eve and they were already dead).

    1. Actually they were, There was commands and laws before moses, "keep my charge, my commandments, my statutes and my laws" Gen. 26: 5

      They were guilty.

  8. The Old Testment God reminds me of a little kid who throws his Lego creation across the room because he doesn't like how it turned out. If humans in the story were so sinful, isn't God to blame for creating them than way? If human sin is so repugnant to God, then why did he permit it in his world in the first place?

    Bible stories. Ugh. The Bible REALLY needs an editor.

    1. So YHWH(The Father and The Son and The Holy Spirit) is to blame for what His creation Chooses to do with their Free Will? If so, then every single parent who had a bad son is to blame for their childs Free Willed act of evil.

      Obviously this is not the case, because the parents are not to blame for what their kids choose, likewise YHWH didn't "Make them like that", He gave us free will(Consciousness) for which we cannot exist without(otherwise we'd be like matter, unconscious), we cannot blame YHWH for what someone chooses to do.

      "If human sin is so repugnant to God, then why did he permit it in his world in the first place?"

    2. Sorry I'm late to the convo.. but this is a terrible analogy. Parents aren't omniscient and omnipotent. If they were, they would not only know everything their child can and will ever do, but they would create them knowing full well what they made the child capable of. If I created a human being that I knew would go murder people before even making them, despite having "free will," is it their fault or mine?

  9. Actually no, The Bible never says The Father sacrificed His Son, this demonstrates that you never properly studied The Bible, no one believed in Penal Substitution(Jesus Christ paying for sins doctrine) until 1000 years after His Resurrection.

    Also when He drowned The Earth, The Bible says, Genesis 6:11-12 " 11Now the earth was corrupt in the sight of God, and the earth was filled with violence.12God looked on the earth, and behold, it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted their way upon the earth."

    We have no reason to believe any Infants or Children were flooded(Quantum Mechanics solve this problem), as The Text says the whole earth was evil.

    Saying infants, children or innocent were killed is adding to the text.

    1. "12God looked on the earth, and behold, it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted their way upon the earth."

      It says all flesh was corrupted. I'm pretty sure the world wasn't ever devoid of babies and women.

  10. In response to your title: precisely, yes. God destroyed all of mankind except Noah in order to save humanity from it's own corruption. Something like cutting off a gangrenous leg. (While you may mock that He took more than a leg, the analogy stands since he left enough of the body to survive).

    Jesus died once in history for the redemption of humanity of all time: including those who died before the flood, who believed in God's promise of a saviour to come (e.g. Gen 3:15, which you may recognize from the opening scene of "The Passion of Christ" if you've watched it).

    Why do you mock God's omnipotence? The presence of evil in the world does not disprove God's omnipotence, it only shows that if He is omnipotent, then even your unbelief is not your choice, it is predestined. Why not defy Him by believing?

  11. I was always the Sunday School kid who asked questions no one could answer, like why an all-powerful God could not just forgive everyone's sins, why his son had to be sacrificed?

    For those who bring up "free will" ----as afar as I know "free will" is never mentioned in the Bible. Even if God gave us "free will" that still doesn't explain away the suffering or deaths of many innocent people through natural disasters that an all-powerful God would be able to control.

    People like Pat Robertson blame Hurricane Katrina (and other natural disasters) on the likes of gays, abortionists, and atheists. But I would bet that most of the people that ended up drowning in their attics in New Orleans were God-fearing church goers who were none of those things.

    God (as portrayed in the Bible) seems to have the morals of a sociopath.


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