Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

Thanksgiving is a couple days away and I wanted to make this post live before I get gravy all over my keyboard. Thank you for reading. I sincerely mean it. I’ve written other blogs in the past covering different subject matter, but it wasn’t until Deity Shmeity that I’ve been completely engaged in my own material. Miraculously, other people seem engaged as well, and I don’t even believe in miracles.

I’ve read a number of other sites promoting my stuff unsolicited. The unsolicited bit is what really warms my heart. All too often in the blogging world favors quid pro quo. The friends I’ve made in the atheist community care about spreading an honest assessment of reality above all personal notoriety. I’d like to thank a few blog regulars personally.

My number one commenter in both quality and quality is Hausdorff. In addition to providing his own content for Deity Shmeity, he is one of my Muses for the content I provide. Every time I think I’m running out of blogging steam, I find that Haus’ Bible Blog is ratcheting it up! In the past couple months he has started a companion podcast and added the perspective of rival commentaries to his own. I can’t quit now, I’d be a chump.

Speaking of chumps, I also like Reason-Being. (j/k, RB) Some call him Johnny Reason, others Logical Being, but whatever you call the author of Reason-Being.com, he is another clear favorite. He is the first atheist blogger I digitally met, but not the last. He’s introduced me to so many interesting infidels that it inspired my atheist interview series. His blog is an inspiration in it’s own right, and by inspiration I mean that I’ve stolen a bunch of ideas from it.

The Wise Fool is too smart to be contained by one blog and it shows. Thankfully he spreads the intellectual wealth to my comments regularly.

Vjack lends credibility to Deity Shmeity by simply offering a loose association to Atheist Revolution. (I’m on his blogroll.) It’s a site with so much cred, even theists don’t hate it...usually.

Bitchspot is a more recent favorite of mine. His posts challenge me in ways some of the others don’t and have inspired a more biting criticism in my own writing.

Now I must decide to continue listing names thereby cheapening the few I’ve already mentioned, or sign off with a non-committal blanket statement. I choose the latter. To all those who have taken the time to do interviews for Deity Shmeity, I thank you. Your time has provided value to my little corner of the web. The interviews are on hiatus for a while, but I will be posting a “turn-the-tables” interview in which each of my friends listed have submitted questions. I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season, no matter which weird belief your holiday was originally based. :-)


  1. No, thank you Grundy! You've got a great sense of humor, an insightful mind, and a sharp wit which makes reading your posts quite a pleasure. Keep it up!

  2. Thanks grundy, feels good to get first billing =D

    The feeling is definitely mutual, comments on my blog and various mentions over here have been a big part of what keeps me going. Also, I just checked my traffic and your site is 3rd, below reddit and google, so thanks for putting my in your sidebar!

  3. Thanks Grundy. You are right about a few things. Hausdorff's blog is awesome and is a great source of inspiration, vjack is incredibly reasonable and full of "cred", Cephus over at Bitchspot certainly challenges my more liberal view on things in a great way, and I am a chump...To quote my wife, "You come up with all sorts of intelligent ideas...it must be to balance all the idiotic shit you do on a daily basis..." She is most likely correct.

    Your blog is one of my favorites as you add humor and wit to otherwise serious topics, while at the same time make people think. That is not an easy thing to do. We need that. Keep up the good work.

  4. Thanks to you, Grundy. You've reminded me of the value of community and inspired a post. Atheist blogging works best when it is collaborative instead of competitive.