Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Geologic Podcast, A Podcast Not About Rocks

If you have ears, stop reading this post and download any episode of The Geologic Podcast. (iTunes link)

Welcome back. Awesome right? You’re welcome.
Still need convincing? Okay, if you must, read on.

I can’t give this show a big enough endorsement. After sampling fifty or so different podcasts, I’ve narrowed down my regular listening lineup to six shows. The Geologic Podcast is first among them. I’ve been wanting to spread the word for some time, but the skeptical nature of the show hasn’t meshed with the other sites I write for. It is, however, perfect for you nonbelievers!

George Hrab is the Geo in Geologic. He is part musician, part comedian and all atheist. It should be no surprise that my favorite bit on his show is The Religious Morons of the Week in which he highlights faith-based hypocrisy and stupidity. Other bits include Interesting Fauna in which he discusses crazy cool animals, Ask George in which he answers questions usually related to religion or music, and Geo’s Mom Read Jay-Z Lyrics which is self explanatory.
Using religion to teach morals is like licking a self-adhesive stamp. You're just gonna mess up the way it should stick. ~ a tweet by @georgehrab
There are other regular segments and various skits where Geo plays multiple characters. It’s amazing what this one-man-show can do. As an added bonus, he releases music on his podcast. If you haven’t heard of Hrab as a podcaster, you probably haven’t heard of him as a musician, but you should have. He is a singer and drummer of a funk band and a solo artist with a few albums of skeptical and atheist friendly songs. My favorites are Think for Yourself and Small Comfort, a song about losing someone knowing they won’t have an afterlife. It’s surprisingly comforting. Other songs include God Is Not Great inspired by the Hitchens book and Death From The Skies performed with fellow skeptic and Bad Astronomer, Phil Plait. You can check them out on iTunes or Pandora.
The secret service guys figured they didn't need to use condoms because they have diplomatic immunity. ~ a tweet by @georgehrab
Please, give him a listen. I’ve heard all 260 shows and there aren’t any stinkers. Show #159 is a particularly interesting jumping on point. Hrab does something cool with the format that may be confusing at first, but if stick with it you’ll learn a lot about him.

Here is a video of Geo performing Brains Body Both I found on YouTube

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  1. Cool podcast. He has a ton of them at the link. I only had time to listen to part of one the first one. Pretty good stuff, will check out more later. Thanks for sharing.