Sunday, May 27, 2012

Links Shminks #2

A breakdown of a recent Gallop poll breaks down the morals of Republicans and Democrats. More Democrats think the death penalty is immoral and more Republicans think abortions are immoral. Surprise, surprise. What does just about everyone agree on? Birth control is a-ok. I guess the church hasn't completely brainwashed it's congregation.

10 Science Concepts that Could Spawn Awesome Supervillains
. Title says it all.

Ever hear the argument "most people believe in God therefore God exists?" The argument of common consent is written about in a fairer, more intelligible fashion than I am capable of over at The Prosblogion. I wonder if those who use this argument will accept the inverse when the majority inevitably give up religion? Doubt it.

If we are expected to uphold Biblical marriage traditions, we're looking at a picture quite different from one man and one woman.

A post to clear up the top ten myths about evolution. I wonder how these get started? (sarcasm)

P.Z. Myers judges his morality based on interest, consent, harm, and stigma. Works for me, and I don't even know if we stigma.

And finally, friend of the blog, Hausdorff, summed up his reading of C.S. Lewis' The Problem of Pain. I've tried to read apologetic books in the past, my responses range from "WTF?" to "WTF!?!"


  1. Love the evolution link. Even though I've read a few posts of that nature, I always enjoy them.

  2. I really liked PZ's post. However, I am not sure on the stigma part. I may choose not to do something based on a negative stigma attached to that, but I do think that implies morality or immorality in the same way that his first three points do.

    Heck, think of the stigma of atheism. That is pretty negative and some would argue is immoral or amoral and I actively take part in that? Does the stigma hold any moral value in my choice here? I would argue it does not.