Friday, May 11, 2012

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back.

God answers questions of origin, purpose and method...with another question. In essence, replacing a natural mystery with a supernatural mystery. Seeing how we know the natural exists and we don't know the supernatural exists, I'm more comfortable with natural mysteries.

The question of origin.
Q: Where did we come from?
A: From God.
Q: Where did God come from?

The question of purpose.
Q: Why are we here?
A: God put us here.
Q: Why is God here?

The question of method.
Q: How did we come to be?
A: God made us.
Q: How did God make us?


  1. Shouldn't the last question be, "Who made God?"
    After all, religious people all know how god made them.

    1. And how is that? I know, Genesis, right? I guess I just don't accept "magic" as a viable method..

    2. Every religion has it's own creation myth and how people were formed. Christians favor the whole dust thing. I'm with you- magic isn't an acceptable answer but it is one that religious people will give anyway.

      "Where" did we / god come from
      "Why" are we / god here

      "How" did we / god come to be - seems to follow the pattern you started with the first two sets of questions better than "How did we come to be" / "How did God make us"

    3. Maybe you're right, but a lot of Christians I know don't believe Genesis literally, so in their case they have no answer of method.

      Science explains things in such a way that they are (at least in theory) reproducible. I won't be satisfied with Eve coming from a bone of man until I know how it's done.

    4. "I won't be satisfied with Eve coming from a bone of man until I know how it's done."

      I'm sure you can use google and find out.. wait.. I think I misunderstood what you meant.

  2. Well said Grundy. Your post is short, to the point, and gets to the heart of some of they key questions that theists struggle to answer. Way to cut through the argument and just get right at it.

    1. You make me sound concise when really I'm just lazy. Thanks.