Friday, June 15, 2012

Links Shminks #3

Best. Wormhole. Ever.

An e-book of essays on the Future of Religion has been least as published as e-books get. Or you can always read them online.

Philosophy, metaphysics, and theology defined. (via Infidel753) Reminds me of when you take philosophy too far.

I'm getting tired of talking about morality, so I'll let someone else tell you the flaws in defending morality with religion.

In a religious debate? Remember the proper way to argue. (via Conflicting Thoughts)

This post includes the words Star Wars Apologetics. Should be all you need to know.

The great Zen Pencils illustrated the great skeptic and Bad Astronomer Phil Plait.


  1. Heh ... that lost wormhole shouldn't be too hard to find!

  2. The ebook of essays link is broken for me