Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Links Shminks #5

The Oatmeal sums it all up. This is amazing.

Dilbert had a comic this week making fun fo religion. Let us pay.

The Comprehensible Philosophy Dictionary, y'know, for the next time you have a few hours to burn.

Groveling to God, it's a thing. (as if you didn't know)

Damned Already compliments my blog and then undermines the point of it...and he may be right.

Zombies counter-protest the Westboro Baptist Church.  Sadly, they found no brains to snack on. (this was lifted straight from Lady Atheist's blog just for brains joke.)

I came across some funny stuff this week, much of it here.

And more of it here. This reads like an Onion piece. It's a welcome departure from the hundreds of Chic-fil-a sucks posts out there right now.

BTW, I met Truett Cathy once. He's much Cathy-er than Dan will ever be.

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  1. Fundamentalist Fun House was awesome. Thanks for sharing.