Thursday, July 12, 2012

T-shirts, fool!

You may have noticed that I've taken down the little ad in the sidebar. No, it's not because the Lord has blessed me with the winning MegaMillions ticket, it's because I've found a new way to not monetize this shit.

T-shirts, fool!

Sorry, the thought of the cash piling in made me lose my undeniably white voice for a second. I have a "Store" tab now that is a gateway to atheistic apparel. I can only sell to out-A-holes looking for a faith fight, but, hey, that's my audience.

Wearing the scarlet letter is likely to bring the crazies, but be bold! Proceeds go to me.


  1. I particularly like the "error 404 God not found" shirt. I wish you many sales.

  2. I'm not quite in the "in yo' face" mode, but I do dig your shirts!

  3. I'm realistic. If I sell one shirt I'll call that a win.

  4. My favorite is the 404 God not found shirt. Did you design them yourself?

    1. Yeah, I designed them. Want me to design some for you or your site? (it'll cost you)

      ...and I have a new business model.