Friday, August 17, 2012

Attempts at Humor on a Friday

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I occasionally think of something funny and then post this crap instead.

"Eat more beef." works as an anti-Chic-fil-a campaign and as a gay slogan.

"I'm totally Darwinning this debate!" ~ Richard Dawkins

Ironically, psychic mediums usually wear a "large."

A priest is like a ventriloquist with a dummy who has laryngitis.

One of the only things atheists and Christians agree on is the metaphor that Christians are sheep.

Jesus made his disciples "fishers of men," which is ironically a great name for a gay bar.

Atheist sandwiches are easy to swallow, and never full of baloney. (Slogan for my new line of infi-delis)

The Bible audiobook would make more sense if read by a dyslexic gypsy with Tourettes.

Christian's should love gays! They almost never have abortions.


  1. A bunch of those made me laugh. Do you think fishers of men would only attract Christian gay dudes?

  2. You should put these on bumper stickers!

  3. I'd hope so, but they don't discriminate.