Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I'm Sorry or You're Welcome

I've got some news that, depending on your personal feelings for me and your worldview at large, might be good or bad. Remember the Bummer Post? Well, I'm not exactly unemployed anymore. I've got a good freelance business started and I will likely need to make a decision on a full-time gig soon. It's nice to go from zero opportunities to too many. My only regret is that the job search moved so quick that I never got a chance to receive an unemployment check. I guess you get to keep your hard earned taxpayer dollars.

I know you don't care as much about my life as I do, but I felt that I should let you know that my blog posting will be cooling down a bit. It is unfortunate in a way, because I've overcome the writers block I was developing last month. I have a lot of posts in mind, I just need time to write them. Hell, I'm writing this post on my freakin' iPad because if I sat at a real computer I'd feel guilty that I wasn't doing real work. (I'm using Blogsy, BTW, it's a really nice blogging app.)

So, if you like Deity Shmeity, I'm sorry; if you don't, you're welcome. I'm hardly out of the game, just expect a post about every third day rather then almost every day. It'll give you time to comment more. :-)

Peace, Love, Grundy.


  1. Glad to hear you're not out of the game. Real life has a nasty habit of interfering with blogging.

  2. That's great, good luck on the new job.

  3. Grundy - I'll miss your posts, but I'm glad you've landed on your feet so quickly! Congrats on your new job(s).
    Live long and prosper!

  4. Congratulations on the job! I'll miss your frequent posts though.

  5. Congrats on the job. I totally get how "real life" can interfere with blogging...just look at my sporadic posting this summer. Post whenever you can...you definitely add to the "conversation" in a positive way, so sporadic is much better than nothing!

  6. That's great! You must be relieved.