Sunday, August 12, 2012

Links Shminks #6

Want to learn about evolution? Here Are 300+ YouTube Videos!

Do they have this in a magnum? (via Infidel753)

Bizarre beliefs more often held by skeptics and atheists as part of The Community of Reason, a self-assessment and a manifesto.

Reason Being talks about the 10 Commandments relevancy to the United States.

Jesus pareidolia at it's most humorous.

Chickens talk about equality, one has a book.

Ten Things to Know About Belief is a good article, but a more accurate title might be "Ten Things to Believe About Belief."

I made Blogroll 3.0! AtheistRev will likely release an update in Blogroll 3.1 to correct this mistake.

There are some cute atheists out there. (I love that this site exists.)

Lastly, I just watched Kevin Smith's Red State and I recommend it for an ugly, yet entirely plausible, fictional depiction of religion and police.

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