Monday, September 10, 2012

Links Shminks #8

A lot of politicians are politicking. Don't take their word of it. Fact check.

3.5 billion year old signs of life. Science is cool.

Amirite is a new site where people post their opinions to be voted up or down based on how many people hold the same opinion. Interesting way to see if it's just you who thinks certain thoughts. Here is the atheism section.

Overcoming Bias featured an article by an atheist who sees some value in church service. I wonder how many others would agree.

Think your religious liberty is being repressed? Take this simple test! (via LadyAtheist)

A surreal comic about questions and answers. (via Dead-Logic)

Obama and Romney answer science questions. To his credit, Romney (or more likely his staff) says some promising things. Of course, he plays cagey about global warming, but I never know how much of that he really believes and how much is pandering. Either way, not good, but still--at least there wasn't any cagey talk about evolution (so far.)

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