Friday, November 16, 2012

Grundy Disagrees! #2

Today’s Grundy Disagrees! is a twofold disagreement with the same Catholic. It began with a post on Randy’s blog detailing how the atheist worldview is necessarily inconsistent. He basically claims that an atheist’s ability to live by a moral code, feel emotions and form preferences proves a transcendent need for or acknowledgement of God. Needless to say, I voiced my problems with his assessment in the comments. Randy dedicated the next post to my comments with comments of his own. This shows Randy isn’t afraid to present the other side of the argument, a notion I wish more theists would follow.

I initially didn’t get into the morality argument because, frankly, I’ve covered that enough, but when Randy wrote yet another post about my Morality Challenge and my favorite drama on television (Breaking Bad) he drew me in. We traded opinions on moral judgement for a bit until I concluded his was a superposition of views I both agree with and those I do not. In the end, Randy was too much of a moving target to debate. I trust he is “one of the good ones,” however inconsistent. I will likely revisit his blog in the future, smile and possibly cringe.


  1. It's great to deal with "one of the good ones." Of course, I don't know your experience, but it seems that he "good ones" are the hardest to get a hold of. :-)

    It must be that the mark of a good one is flexibility, even if that does yield inconsistency.

  2. I checked out his blog and although I didn't agree with his opinions, he didn't seem entirely unreasonable. The only thing that really sparked some anger was the picture that said "Atheism, the arrogant belief that the entire billion-galaxy universe was not created for us".

    But I think that picture was meant sarcastically, and if not... well... I dunno. I guess I'll never know. And that's okay. There's too much on the web to address anyway.

  3. Unfortunately, even when you do get one of the "good ones", at least one of the ones who is willing to debate honestly, they will move the goalposts all over the place to avoid having to admit that their beliefs are wrong. I've backed them into the corner on many occasions and they still manage to squirm their way out by using irrational thinking, often simple "I don't care if I'm wrong, I'm going to believe anyhow".

    Debating theists is pointless, they're just not interested in the truth.

  4. What is the saying? "It's like trying to nail Jello to a wall..."

  5. I've never heard that one, that's hilarious

  6. Thanks for the shout out Grundy. I messed this until now. Glad to be "one of the good ones." At least I think I should take that as a complement. I do genuinely want to be relevant to guys like you. I do write some posts only Christians are going to get but most of the time I want to sound reasonable to everyone who claims some interest in religion or morality.

    The graphics are typically not mine. I find them. I like funny ones. Sometimes they insult atheists and sometimes they insult Christians. I don't mind as long as they have a smart kind of humor. the "billion-galaxy universe" thing was a joke but I think it was an atheist joking about Christians.

    If you think I am committing a logical fallacy like moving the goalposts or anything else then let me know. We don't need to get into a long back and forth, although those are fun to, just a quick "that is BS because ..." comment would be nice. It helps me to know exactly what people are rolling their eyes at.

    As far as my alleged flexibility goes. I am a Catholic. I stand by the Catholic Catechism and all the other Catholic dogmas. It is a very old faith and it is not often described as flexible!

    Anyway, thanks for reading. God bless you all. (I know...eyes rolling!)

  7. The images never bothered me. I may give your blog another chance. Thanks for the reply.