Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Magic Salvation


  1. Apparently the Bible's authors thought about time in a linear manner. If it were really written by a deity who transcended space and time, wouldn't it be reflected in the content?

  2. Right... that or Jesus did die for them, but his justification is not imputed (as Protestants believe), but infused (as Catholics maintain). Jesus can die for your sins, and you can still go to hell - all you need to do is reject him. On Protestantism it is harder to see how this could be the case (that is why, for instance, classical calvinism claims that Jesus died only for the elect). Perhaps the people of Sodom or Gomorrah were saved, but if they were, it was by Christ, just as much as Moses' salvation was by Christ.

    1. "Perhaps the people of Sodom or Gomorrah were saved..."
      Now that would be an interesting scenario. I picture it going like this:

      Sodomite: "Aaarhrrrrhrrhrhrrhr....wait... what in the? Where am I?"
      God: "Oh hey, you made it. You're in Heaven with me now. You were one of the good ones."
      Sodomite: "But just a second ago I was in agonizing pain while my flesh was burning off of me from the hail of burning sulfur..."
      God: "Yes, and you're healed now."
      Sodomite: "But weren't you the one who sent the fiery hail?"
      God: "Yes, well, you were doing some things that I didn't really approve of, but it's cool now. You're with me, in Heaven, for eternity!"
      Sodomite: "Is there another option?"

  3. Or maybe religions are pulling stuff out of their asses to try to plug the (barking mad)gaps of "logic" in the Big Book of Awful "Ideas", better known as the bible. Take your pick. And choose wisely...

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  6. This apparent need for "salvation" is something I can't understand. Salvation from what? A mythical god that does nothing better than fail, totally, the baby jesus, dead and long gone if he actually did ever exist, there's no impartial evidence. Sounds to me like lots of hard work (believing the nonsense is hard work) for no apparent gain. Salvation, thanks but no thanks.