Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Interview with the Observer

The Observer has interviewed me. No, not the newspaper, the blogger. Here's a taste:
Blogger's profile lists your industry as 'advertising'.  I've long felt that religious evangelicalism is text book advertising.  Witnessing is the same as product testimonials; religious identity is product branding; evangelicalism is emotional anchoring:  first convince people there is something missing from their lives, then offer the solution. Would you agree with this?  
Absolutely. Here in America atheism has a major branding problem. Gullibility is called "faith" and is considered a virtue. I just had a conversation with an apologist who took issue with someone calling what Jesus does in the Bible magic. He said it wasn't magic, it was miracles. It's all semantics, but they twist anything that applies to their belief system as a positive. It's a hard mindset to overcome. I've worked with some good ad agencies in the past, but none as good as the Church.
 Great questions overall, well worth checking out (because it's all about me.)