Thursday, February 7, 2013

Divine Entrapment

I'm on a Noah kick this week. I know it's an easy target. I know not all Christians take it literally....but if you are a theist who doesn't take it literally, I have to ask why not? I would guess it is because it is too unbelievable, but if that's the case...why believe the resurrection? What makes return from the dead more believable than world-wide flooding?


  1. Wait a minute here. 2 of each animal and incest a sin. The only answer is that you have to breed outside of your own species! That would create more diversity, there didn't have to be as many animals on boat as we think because we are looking at the number of species that exist today.

    Now it all makes sense!

  2. Why wait until Noah showed up? God started the whole thing off with just two people... ;-)

  3. Great meme. Also great question regarding the cherry-picking of the bible. Why reject Noah, but accept Adam/Eve, or the resurrection? I don't suppose we will get many Christians to answer here. FYI--I just finished a great book by Matthew McCormack "Atheism: The Case Against Christ". The basic point is that believing in the resurrection is silly, as we reject countless more events (like witches at Salem) that have far far more evidence. I highly recommend it.