Sunday, February 3, 2013

On-line Debate Goes Postal!

You've probably heard this before:
If atheism is a religion, then not collecting stamps is a hobby.
A theist and I carried the analogy of stamp collection as religion further on Google+. Some might say too far. I thought I'd share.
Theist: I have been informed that there is a Google+ community for Atheism. I'm not sure what would be discussed in such a community, since atheism is about not subscribing to something. 
I don't collect stamps, so I think I will start a Google+ community for those of us who don't collect stamps. We can all log in and't collect stamps, I guess? ...and....ummm...maybe make fun of those who do ... ?
Me: If stamp collectors decided those that didn't want to collect stamps were less moral people and the collector's handbook claimed some were going to hell and the collector club's top positions discriminated against women and gays, I imagine a group of non collectors would form in protest. 
Theist: At that moment, the stamp collectors would probably inform the non-stamp collectors that they don't know what they're talking about and that maybe they should read the collector's handbook using proper hermeneutics instead of behaving like a fundamentalist stamp collector. 
Me: The stamp collection hobby has broken into so many different organizations, each with different hermeneutics of said handbook and some with entirely different handbooks or handbook companions that it's too hard to tell what the price of a stamp is these days. 
Theist: Then I guess some research will be required before commenting on what stamp collecting is or isn't and what the price of a stamp should be. 
Me: True, but since so many are moving to email, I doubt stamps will continue to be relevant enough in developed countries to take up collecting in the first place. They will probably be lost to history like other antiquated means of communication like the pony express and carrier pigeons.


  1. Ha, excellent debate, the theist probably didn't know what hit him.

    1. Of course, this wasn't the end of it. For here on out the debate took a "yes, there is"/"no there isn't" quality, not worth posting.

  2. Love your last reply! My take on the saying has always been that atheism is a religion in much the same way that sobriety is an addiction.

    1. Yeah, that's certainly the point of the original saying. It was fun to keep running with it.