Thursday, April 18, 2013

Don't Play God


  1. Lol, I love the laughs these pics give me. Thanks Grundy

  2. Good advice Grundy!...and it reminded me of a "play god" incident that happened to me in the 1960's. I went to work 11-7 in a small town hospital as an aide, and was quickly promoted to being in charge of the nursery, including retrieving baby's from delivery.

    Often, the doctor's came in drunk in the middle of the night, and one didn't have the patience one night to resuscitate a baby that wouldn't take a breath. He told me to take it to the morgue. I didn't, I ran back to the nursery, suctioned it, and jabbed it's foot real hard with a lancet and he let out a howl. I rushed to get oxygen for him, using a setup for another baby that hadn't needed it for over a week. After reading my nurse notes the next morning, a jealous bitch of a "real" nurse declared I had put one baby's life in jeopardy to save another. That pissed me off to quit the job. When anyone after that asked me why...I told them, "Because I didn't have a legitimate license to "play god." :)