Friday, April 12, 2013

Music Shmusic: Don't Be Mad At God


  1. You do find interesting pieces.

    But let me ask; does the atheist naturalist's argument go like this: if God exists, God would have to be good and do good; what I see happening is not good; therefore God must not exist. Do I have that about right?

    If so, what blocks these three possible situations:

    1) Player has a false understanding of the good;

    2) God exists, Player has a correct understanding of the good, but God is okay with the rules of naturalistic evolution and evolutionary survival;

    3) A supernatural realm exists, Player has an arbitrary understanding of the good, any minds or beings in the supernatural realm either can't or have voluntarily chosen not to participate in the natural realm.

    Happy brain-twisting.

    1. No, that isn't the atheist naturalist's argument, but it is an argument against the all-good, all-powerful God many Christians believe.

      Applying the first situation to this, I'd say either that God doesn't exist or the Christian has a false understanding of God. Situation two and three seem to fall under the false understanding of God umbrella.