Friday, May 24, 2013

Responses to my Post on The Apologetic Professor

Continuing my strange compulsion to toot my own horn today, the following are responses to my recent article on The Apologetic Professor.

"Very clear & to the point. You came across as trying to educate those that may not understand and not berating them for what they believe in."

"Something I have always been thinking, but you have found a really succinct way of putting it. Really was an excellent read. It doesn't come across as adversarial or arrogant. slow clap."

"Thoughtful and not overstated."

"After reading this, I felt compelled  to subscribe to your blog. It is people like you, and many others here on + that have made me proud to believe the way I believe. For too long, we were made to feel like outcasts and "weirdos". Now we are empowered and continue to be enlightened because of people like you.

This article came in handy when my sister-in-law's niece (Oliva) called and said that she was extremely frustrated by a conversation she had during high school lunch, She said a girl had asked her what church she went to and she said " I don't do church." I suppose this opened up the door for the billions of questions from the ignorant (not in an insulting way, but ignorant in a sense of not understanding and not WANTING to understand even after asking the questions). She said the girl asked what she did when she was having a bad day. Olivia politely told the girl that she listens to music to unwind and then let it go. She said the girl was appalled that she didn't pray. Then she was asked, "Well do you Atheist go to church?" She answered, slightly irritated at this point, "Uh no, atheism is not a religion, it is a term to simply state that one does not believe in God or Gods." Then the nail in this girl's cross was her final judgmental, stereotyping statement,"I didn't think black people didn't believe in god, especially women." Olivia said she then looked at the girl with true pity and responded very maturely for a 16 year old. Olivia responded, 'In my opinion, women and blacks should be the highest numbers of nonbelievers. The bible shows women no respect and expects them to be seen and not heard. During slavery, European slave masters used christianity and the bible to instill fear in the African slaves to keep them in line and keep them from trying/wanting to escape." The girl accused her of making things up to support her belief in the devil. Olivia said she was frustrated but remembered me telling her a long time ago that you can't bring logic and independent thought to a bible fight. I told Olivia that she did the right thing and it would be okay. I told her that even though I don't know what it is like to be a "black nonbeliever" I know what it is to be a nonbeliever and treated like scum of the earth."

Nice story, eh? It was by a new friend who you'll be hearing from again. She wishes to stay anonymous so I shall hereafter refer to her as Kitty, in honor of my favorite X-Man (X-Woman?) Kitty Pryde.

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  1. Just got the chance to read your cross post. Pun intended. ;-)

    Well done sir. Well done.