Friday, August 30, 2013

Tweet Round-up

When someone says "It's against my religion," I hear "It's against my superstition."

The Catholic Church is completely infallible to those who own bibles and not history books.

Most women would never spend money at a business with the hiring policies of the Church, yet they often give when the basket comes around. I don't get it.

When met with an apologetic claim, I ask "why do you think that?" More often than not, it is because they were told to.

The more debates I have with Christians, the more sure I am that they are wrong. I always think that I couldn't be more sure.

"Moral perfection" doesn't equal mass killings in my book, just in the holy book.

Apologists have a lot of certain knowledge about God's nature, power & motivation until a hard question is asked. Then its all mysterious.

I like to think the Arthur Fonzarelli was an aaaaaatheist.

Jesus preaching the Golden Rule is his validation of subjective morality. What I want done to me may not be the same as what you want done to you.

Apologist when posed a yes or no question in which the answer would expose flaws in their argument: "Read this 200 page book for the answer." (Related: What kind of diabolical BS artist can give you the run-around for 200 pages?)

Calling Islam the religion of peace is like calling FOX News fair and balanced.

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  1. "The Catholic Church is completely infallible to those who own bibles and not history books."

    As an ex-Catholic, I have to say that this Tweet is spot-on.

    1. I spent some time as a Catholic too, great source of material now. ;-)

    2. Way back when I was a Catholic I had never read the "holy" book, it wasn't encouraged, and now I know why. They only preached the passages they wanted you to hear and didn't want anyone to question the wacky ones. I was told many, many, times, Anna Marie, you just have to accept that "mystery" on faith. Well, needless to say, I was a bit lacking in that area. :)

  2. Great tweets man! My fav was "Apologists have a lot of certain knowledge about God's nature, power & motivation until a hard question is asked. Then its all mysterious."

  3. I like the one about the golden rule being an example of subjective morality. I never thought of it that way.



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