Monday, September 30, 2013

Prayer Pamphlet


  1. Oh darn! I include "please grant me financial security" in both my morning and evening prayers. Is that something "God" wouldn't approve of?...and if so, why not? Who wants to pray to a "God" who wouldn't wish you to have it?...not that I even know what it is.

  2. LOL
    Other possible titles for your flier:
    -- Doubt-Proof Prayer
    -- Faith-Preserving Prayer
    -- Prayers That Work

    I loved all those prostitutes. (wait, should I phrase that differently?)

  3. Great pamphlet DS! I think that the only significant thing I could add would be:

    "Practice discernment of daily events in your life as a means of detecting if God is answering your prayer in an unexpected way which will ultimately work out for your benefit, or the benefit of others around you."