Thursday, December 5, 2013

Links Shminks #16

Where do you come down on the big questions that split atheists?

Six hundred some proofs for God that start off silly and get progressively more so.

In one of my new favorite blogs, Tjaart discusses the intellectual bankruptcy of Christian apologetics.

You'd think God could create the best of all possible worlds, right? There are problems with that.

Personal story time from Sheldon who came out as an atheist to his sister.

Theists often say infinite regression is impossible, but a single infinite deity is perfectly fine. If only we had a mathematician to weigh in...

Westboro Baptist church is going to picket the funeral of a Christian who died leaving his own charity event. True story. R.I.P. PaulWalker.*

*Is Rest In Peace a saying atheists should avoid? I mean, he isn't resting per se or at peace exactly. I guess it works metaphorically...


  1. Thanks! Were you the one that re shared that post on Reddit? I got over 200 views on it in 24 hours.

  2. Thanks Grundy. For those interested, I have several more posts about infinity coming. Thanks to a few apologists I've been talking to, I'm trying to zero in on exactly what mistake they are making. Given my post output lately though, it will probably take a month or so to get it done. :)

  3. Westboro Baptist Church in Houston is a prime example of what the biggest problem with religion is....stupid fanatics thinking everyone should think their Christian way! I imagine Jesus would be quite appalled at the way they promote "peace on earth.".