Monday, January 13, 2014

"How can you judge something as immoral without a divine moral foundation?"

Some theists claim that when atheists judge the character of God in the Bible as immoral, they show that they have a sense of objective morality which could only be present if God is a foundation for morality.

By claiming this they are implying that the atheist's judgement is objectively correct. These theists either must agree that God is objectively immoral or admit that the atheist's judgement isn't objectively true thereby discounting their claim that the atheist's judgement shows that we have a sense of objective morality.


  1. What I find most interesting about the idea of the immoral bible god is that most modern Christians agree that much of what it allegedly condoned (e.g., slavery, genocide, rape) is immoral. This suggests that morality evolves and that these Christians - just like the rest of us - find these things abhorrent. They do so not because this immoral god gave them a moral sense but because they acquired it through evolution and it has changed over time.