Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Capital Punishment Supporting Christian is Unconscionable


  1. Talk about uncomfortable answers. Its a lose, lose, lose situation. So glad I don't have to consider these as a Christian. They are difficult questions without religion.

  2. "They are difficult questions without religion."
    Not really.

    "If the purpose of capitol punishment is not to punish, what is it?"
    To cause zero recidivism with zero upkeep.
    Punishment is a deterrent meant in the first place to dissuade crime, and secondly to provide a negative punishment to criminals so they will feel they have profited by and will not wish to repeat their actions. This does not dissuade some people. The goal of prison for those people is segregation, to keep them separate from the civilian population, so they cannot endanger more people or cause more damage. But this is expensive, and amounts to a penalty on the innocent who must pay taxes to feed and house each and every criminal so held. The more criminals there are to hold, the higher this penalty on the innocent becomes. Capitol punishment allows us to stop punishing the innocent for the crimes of the guilty who have no intent of ever cooperating in society, or who cannot ever be let free to continue their works.

    1. *so they will NOT feel they have profited.