Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Faith Trilogy

This was posted way back in '08 by a message board parton known only as "RandomFerret." It's still one of my favorite analogies for the Abrahamic religions.

Think of it like a movie. The Torah is the first one, and the New Testament the sequel. Then the Qu’ran comes out, and it retcons the last one like it never happened. There’s still Jesus, but he’s not the main character anymore, and the messiah hasn’t shown up yet.
Jews like the first movie but ignored the sequels. Christians think you need to watch the first two, but the third movie doesn’t count. The Moslems think the third one was the best, and Mormons liked the second one so much, they started writing fanfiction that doesn’t fit with ANY of the series canon.


  1. Thank you for re-posting this, I have never seen such an amazing analogy for the texts of the Abrahamic religions.

    ...Especially Mormon scripture. Oh, man. I'm going to share this with all my disillusioned BYU buddies.

  2. Glad you liked it. I've been checking the blogs of a lot of ex-theists. Most seem to be ex-Mormon.