Monday, April 23, 2012

Plugs Shmlugs

Before I launch into this highly self-promoting post, dear reader, I want you to know a couple things.

  • I’m not grinding the SEO circuit, joining this and that blogroll for personal gain. I want to bring positive atheism in front of as many eye balls as possible. (Ear holes too, if you happen to be text-to-speeching this post.)
  • I don’t need to promote my blog to you. After all, you’re already here. So allow me to promote the people who promote me in an advertising circle jerk the nonexistent spirit of Billy Mays would be proud of.

I’ve been added to the Atheist Blogroll. It is, you guessed it, a roll of atheist blogs. As each new blog is brought into the world through the miracle of the Internet, it will be found here. I find the Delicious feed most helpful. I’m honored to be among them.

I’m also listed on (in?) Alltop. This site isn’t atheist centric, but it has an atheist section featuring all the big names. Now I’m a big name! (And you can be too.)

Lastly, if you have an atheist blog, I recommend joining up with the community. If you don’t have an atheist blog, I recommend you start one...even if you’re Christian. It’d be ironic, you Bible-thumping hipster, you.


  1. How does one go about getting listed on Alltop?

  2. You'll have to sign up for an Alltop account (it's free) then go to and submit your site under the atheist category. They review it and let you know in a day or two. Looks like I'm getting 20-30 more views a day from them so far.

    It's easier than it used to be. I had to contact the creator of Alltop on Twitter to get my poker site ( listed.