Friday, April 20, 2012

Pretty Fallacies

As a designer, I consume information best when it is laid out in a visually appealing fashion. As a debater, I try to stay logically consistent and intellectually honest. I found a couple of links to help me on both counts. Maybe they can help you too. displays logical fallacies in a mash-up illustration of philosophers and religion. The tag line of "Thou Shalt Not Commit Logical Fallacies" tells me the author knows that these errors in thinking often come up in debates regarding belief. created an infographic of rhetorical fallacies. I love all the work on this site and even bought their infographic book, The Visual Miscellaneum

Both these visualizations are available to buy as prints. Y'know, if you need some nerdy wall art.


  1. I was able to stop by the first link. Very cool. It is amazing how often those errors manifest themselves in debates. It was nice to see them all in one place. It served as a nice reminder for me as well!

  2. I'm going to check that site out. I took a course called Logic and Inquiry in college that introduced me to logical fallacies, and it really opened my eyes.