Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Best of Deity Shmeity, 2012

Happy New Year, folks! It occurs to me that, since this is my first year blogging, I'm about to list the Best of Deity Shmeity--2012 or ever! How do I define "best of" you may ask? The posts with the most hits show up in my sidebar already, so posting based on popularity is a little redundant.  I'm also weighing in my very subjective opinion.

Deny Evolution? Explain Yourself. This post passes off the task of offering copious amounts of evidence for evolution to other sites. I took the tactic of requiring an evolution denier to provide a realistic motive as to why governments, academia, and relevant corporations all accept the theory and how they are covering up the "truth." If evolution is false, there is a conspiracy to explain.

What the Hell Am I? A post using words and visuals to try and label myself as accurately as possible.

All Bets Are Off. Where I muse about how an opening for the supernatural throws every belief into question--making atheism and any form of theism untenable.

My Secret Origin and personal history with belief.

Extraordinary Evidence, or what it would take for me to believe half the stuff most people in America believe. My post talking about an extraterrestrial "second coming" ties into this.

The Grundist Manifesto outlines a new religion that isn't informed by reality, but is at least more compatible with reality then other faiths.

The Infideli Menu. A bit of fun I had that did well on Reddit and was picked up by the Friendly Atheist.

I'm also happy with how my interview series turned out. If you want to learn about atheists, it's a good place to start. I'll probably continue the series in 2013.

Note: I'm ditching DISQUS, at least temporarily. Complain in the comments if you're so inclined.


  1. Cool. I was a late joiner, so I missed several of these. I particularly enjoyed "All Bets Are Off" and "Secret Origin."

    I knew nothing about CS other than it existed. Now I know a little more. It kind of sounds like what some kooky physicist-evangelists are promoting now with quantum physics. :-)

    By the way, there is a typo in the "Probability of a Deity" graphic in "What the Hell Am I?" You meant "Gnostic" with an "n". ;-)

    1. Thanks! I may do another post on CS...and fix the typo.

  2. Why did you decide to get rid of Disqus? Not a complaint, just curious about what made you not like it.

    1. A couple commenters had their comments lost. I get more moderation spam. I could probably fix the latter, but the former is more important.

      Do you have to answer a CAPTCHA when you comment now?

    2. That makes sense, I didn't have to do a captcha.

    3. Actually, maybe I had to on the first one, I can't remember. I certainly didn't on the follow up reply though