Thursday, May 16, 2013

"I'll Pray for You."


  1. Love it! I feel the same about fundamentalists who pray for me.

  2. just so you know, hundreds of people are laughing at you at reddit right now

  3. I always tell my mum and sister when they say "I will pray for you"
    Me "don't"

  4. I think we should organize a prayer event, International Save an Atheist Day. One particular atheist gets prayed for by all participating Christians. Maybe after a few years, they'll get the point... :-)

  5. You're so edgy

    1. Edginess doesn't prove anything, nor does it disprove God

  6. Rebellion not based on proof or intellect. basically saying "don't pray for me, because it won't work"

    In which I'll ask, how do you know it won't work?

    I'll get a reply, "because it hasn't worked before"

    in which I'll ask, "how do you know it won't work in the future?

    it's faith, which is what most atheist memes are, for example people use Talking Snake as a reason to not believe in The Bible, this is Faith that talking snakes are impossible, and nothing intellectual, yet this pseudo-intellect type of "coolness"/rebellion(if anyone wants to start a rebellion, do it right, be nice to everyone and present observable proof and facts, like Jesus Christ) is taken as intellectual, when in fact it's easy too refute, as a Talking Snake as absurd as it sounds is Factually possible proven by Quantum Physics, certain properties of a snake can be configured to cause human speech/intellect.

    When I look back and see how scared I was of atheist and atheism, I feel as if all that suffering with OCD was pointless as at first the memes sound threatening, however when you start reasoning and free thinking, it's easy to refute. however I Thank YHWH for it, as somehow it gave me the current knowledge and facts that YHWH exists, which anyone with a free thinking, open to intellect, determined, and investigating will find out.